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Swansea’s Most Popular Beaches

Had you grown up in Swansea, not only would it seem normal to have a number of beaches within a short drive from your home but it’s highly likely that you would take their beauty for granted. There are an estimated 30 beaches and coves stretched along the 39 mile Gower peninsular and it would take on average 4-5 days to walk it.

1. Rhossilli Bay

Having been voted 3rd place in Trip Advisor’s visitor poll for the UK’s Top 10 Beaches, Rhossilli Bay needs no introduction. In fact, in 2017 Suitcase Mag crowned Rhossilli as the best beach in Europe, surpassing sandy shores of Spain, Greece and France to become the only European beach worthy of a place on Suitcase’s top 10 beaches in the world list.

Stretching 3 miles along the west of the Gower peninsular it attracts excited tourists worldwide who want to enjoy it’s famous sunsets.

2. Three Cliffs Bay

The second of Gower’s beaches to make it on Trip Advisors top 10 list is Three Cliffs Bay, impressively sat in 8th place.

Known as “Three Cliffs”, horse riders and rock climbers are a common site at the bay and is one of the most photographed locations along the Gower peninsular.

3. Llangennith Beach

At over 3 miles in length, the beach to the west of Swansea contributes enormously to the 4.3 million visitors that visit Swansea each year.

Llangennith is a family friendly beach that is dog friendly all year round.

Facilities include camp sites, refreshment facilities and one of the UK’s best surfing spots - often seen on Sky Sports News’s daily surf report.

For the keen historians, surfers are warned to beware of the shipwreck that is hidden as the sea comes in and only visible during low tide.

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